Purify Gift Certificates Are Great Gifts!


Purify Gift Certificates Are Great Gifts!


Life’s hectic pace can cause fatigue, stress, and pain in your body. Our saunas use infrared light to raise your internal body temperature, trigger sweating, and alleviate your body of toxins, chemicals, and fat.

Detox. Relax. Restore.

Experience the infrared difference. While a traditional sauna heats the external air around you, an infrared sauna penetrates into your body and raises your internal body temperature.

Our infrared saunas provide a more comfortable experience that relieve a wider range of health concerns than traditional saunas. Visit our retreat to experience the benefits of infrared therapy in a private and relaxing environment

Buy One/Get One FREE for just $39!

(New Clients Only- Advanced Purchase Required. 14 day expiration from first session. Non-Transferrable)

Enjoy the many health & beauty benefits of infrared therapy at Purify

Did you know that just one infrared sauna session can produce the same cardiovascular results and calories burned as an hour of vigorous exercise, without the muscle pain or risk of injury? 

why do you sweat?

Learn more about Purify and the benefits of our private infrared saunas

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